Journalism Sandwich

By Jeffrey Buck

Mike and I have talked about featuring retail stores, restaurants and other businesses that lie along Woodward Ave. After a recent trip to a gourmet locally-owned sandwich shop that I had been meaning to stop into for months, it was a no-brainer to finally craft our first installment. Our goal is to try and have a weekly post until we run out of places, which shouldn’t happen for quite some time. Enjoy and let us know if you have any suggestions!

The Panini Press

28983 Woodward Avenue Berkley, MI 48072

Phone: 248.547.7377

Fax: 248.547.6668

This particular sandwich shop got a little press when it first opened in July 2009. I remember reading the article because of the extensive research that the prospective owner did on her own. The lunch spot sits on Woodward Ave. just south of 12 Mile Rd in Berkley. The menu boasts several sandwich names related to newspapers from around the country including:

The Traverse City Times

The Kansas City Press

The Philadelphia Post

The Plymouth Pages

The New York Herald

I decided to go with the Plymouth Pages panini, which consists of a breast of smoked turkey, red onion, arugula, provolone cheese and balsamic pesto mayonnaise sauce. I decided to pair it up with a bag of Detroit’s own Better Made Classic Potato Chips (the only chips they carry).

Along with sandwiches, the Panini Press serves fresh soups daily, coleslaw, desserts and drinks. They also have a kid’s menu with other items like hot dogs and PB&Js.

Prices are reasonable with sandwiches starting at $5.99.

If you’re looking for a healthy, local, delicious sandwich; look no further. I’m really glad I finally made it to the Panini Press but I’m disappointed it took me so long.



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