Imported from Detroit

By now I don’t think it would be wrong to assume that everyone from metro Detroit has seen or at least heard about the Chrysler 200 television spot featuring Eminem that aired late during last night’s Super Bowl. However if you did in fact miss all of the buzz via Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, we’ve included the spot here for your enjoyment. It’s one of those videos that seems to get better each time you watch it anyway.

The advertisement has obviously struck the right chords here in the metro Detroit area, but I hope people from around the country also felt something when they saw this spot. As much as we’re told that we need to find a new industry to help diversify us and to allow us to grow again, the auto industry will forever be the industry that built us up only to bring us back down–but it can also be a vital part of rebuilding us once again. The images, the voice over and the choir all add something special to an already stunning commercial not only for Chrysler, but an ode to Detroit.

“This is the Motor City…and this is what we do.”

So, what’s your opinion? What did you think of the Chrysler commercial?

Let us know in the comment section below.

– MF & JB


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One response to “Imported from Detroit

  1. I thought it was great; the images of the city, the voiceover, etc. Since I moved to Pittsburgh last July, it gave me a huge wave of homesickness. Once a Detroiter, always a Detroiter.

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