American Made – Jonas Jerebko

Pat Smith returns with a shiny new piece on a video series featuring Jonas Jerebko, the injured Pistons’ player we interviewed at Social Media Night, being produced by Nike Sportswear Sweden.

By Patrick Smith

The latest episode of Nike Sportswear Sweden’s “American Made” features the Pistons’ own Swedish import Jonas Jerebko driving through the streets of Detroit with Swedish-born rapper Adam Tensta. The video is a little heavy on Tensta talking about himself and a little light on basketball talk for my taste, but the cinematography is cool and Jerebko shows once again why he’s a fan favorite with his down-to-earth style.

Definitely worth a look for Jonas’ beautiful Aryan mug and some nice shots of Detroit, both grimy and picaresque.

Below the jump are the trailer and first episode that were released earlier this year, as well as the freshly released episode two.

American Made: Trailer

American Made: Episode 1

American made: Episode 2

Hopefully Jonas and Nike will continue this series with a third installment.


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Reporter based in Chicago, focusing on the Brazilian community in Chicago and news from South America.
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