“A Column with no title, yet” about Film & TV

The Woodward Spine would like to introduce our newest contributor, Collin Porteus. Collin will be writing a weekly TV/Film column for us with an emphasis on what’s currently going on in the metro Detroit area.

MI Film Office Logo

It was about two weeks ago, just before a free screening of “Just Go With It,” (I’m hesitant to even mention that because I believe I may have instantly tainted my credibility as a moviegoer, but it was free, have you been to the movies lately? It’s like $8!) that a good friend of mine, known to most of you as, co-founder of The Woodward Spine, Jeff Buck, asked if I had any interest in writing a Film/TV column. “Well I’ve certainly got opinions on both of those mediums,” I thought to myself, “and as a recent college graduate living in Michigan, I’ve certainly been able to consume enough of both of them over the last few months.” No sooner than I could mutter the word “yes” the internal brainstorm had begun.

So what do I write about?

I’ve never written a column before. I thought I’d shelved my abilities to write with, at the very least, respectable grammar, and punctuation long ago. Well, then I could spend time approaching it from the point of view of a tried and true film/TV loving Michigander.  I’m sure there are people out there who aren’t familiar with the joys of catching a screening of Troll 2 down in Detroit at Midtown’s Burton Theatre (which is actually an independent art cinema located at Cass Ave. and Peterboro in the former Auditorium of the Burton International School” and it’s only $5 on the weekdays, pretty cool, right? ).

I know that joy, and gosh darn it others should too.

Maybe somebody is just curious as to how the first season of “Detroit 187” is stacking up to…let’s say, “The Wire” (You know what, I’m curious too…stay tuned in the coming weeks.) Maybe you’ve just Googled “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and as a result stumbled upon the finest blog this side of the Carmelo Anthony, Justin Bieber, Tom Gores, Community, The NFL, Sasha Grey and Blake Griffin.

But, I digress…it’s a film/TV column focusing on Detroit and the great state of Michigan. Having said that, the industry here in Michigan in early 2011 could change drastically. In the last two and a half to three years, according to the Michigan Film Office, the Michigan Film Tax Incentives have resulted in 129 projects being wrapped, in-state.

If there’s one thing I want you to get out of this column’s “opening statement”, other than my gratitude to Jeff Buck, Mike Fossano and the rest of The Woodward Spine family, is…wait, what budget proposal?

Snyder is doing what?…

Wow…that’s a terrible, and shortsighted, idea…

The Avengers” production has already left and Joss Whedon has no plans to be in Michigan anytime soon?

Well there’s a town hall meeting tonight:

**Due to the anticipated large turnout the meeting has been moved to a larger venue noted below**

Thursday, February, 24th at 7:30 PM in Livonia, MI at Laurel Manor, located at 39000 Schoolcraft Road.

Thursday, February,24th at 7:30PM in Livonia, MI at Maxsar Studios…38099 Schoolcraft.

Be There or Be Square

– CP

Follow me on Twitter if you dare @ActuallyCAP

About The Woodward Spine

The Woodward Spine was the brainchild of Michael Fossano and Jeffrey Buck, two Royal Oak, Mich. natives who met nearly 10 years ago while attending the now-defunct George A. Dondero High School. It seemed fitting for the two Wayne State University alums to craft an outlet to help continually refine their writing skills, while also serving as a trusted source of information for the metro Detroit community. The Woodward Spine aims to inform its readers about relevant news and events through creative and informative posts not only by Mike and Jeff, but other upstanding citizens as well who are driven and proficient in these core areas: news, opinion, entertainment, history, sports and development. The Woodward Spine serves the tri-county metro Detroit area, however concentrating mainly on the communities that lie along the Woodward corridor.
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2 Responses to “A Column with no title, yet” about Film & TV

  1. Vickers says:

    Good to see you guys discussing Michigans film industry. It is a shame our state loose out on jobs that have generated $6 for ever $1 in taxes in revenue for the state. Spot on with the budget proposal being shortsighted, we cannot as a state push all our taxe cuts to the business sector when the film industry has been good to Michiganders. Check out the free press article by Albom in today’s paper. Wish I could be at that town hall with you guys…


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