Shorpy Saturday – Tourist Auto Co.: 1910

By Jeffrey Buck

The Hotel Tuller in the background met the wrecking ball, as did the church next door when the hotel expanded during its heyday. I assume during this time there was a high demand for such tours of the city. It would be great if Detroit had such tours today but I assume the demand and costs don’t equal. Make note of the great brick road which today would be the semi circle around Grand Circus Park. What a great time to be living in Detroit.

Take a look at the photograph entitled “Tourist Auto Co.: 1910“:

Detroit, Michigan, circa 1910. “Tourist Auto Co. (Tourist buses in front of church with Hotel Tuller at right).” Detroit Publishing glass negative.


Here is the same area today:

It’s sort of ironic that the car in the street shot is a Honda. Grand Circus has and is seeing a sort of rejuvenation but it would be much more grander had we not lost the Hotel Tuller and Statler Hotel to the wrecking ball.



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  1. Leslie

    The Statler was a beautiful hotel. My high school prom was held there (in 1964).

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