Shorpy Saturday – The Busy Corner: 1906

By Jeffrey Buck

Enjoy your holiday weekend and as always enjoy your Saturday Shorpy Photo…

Take a look at the photograph entitled “The Busy Corner: 1906“:

Detroit circa 1906. “Griswold Street at Fort.” The comings and goings of a century ago, cross-sectioned and flash-frozen. 8×10 glass negative.


Below is a shot of the same block today from street level:



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One response to “Shorpy Saturday – The Busy Corner: 1906

  1. Leslie

    In the more recent photo, the building seen on the left used to be the National Bank of Detroit. I worked there as a tour guide in the summer of ’65, while I was in college. We took people around to see the money museum on the mezzanine, the board room on the 5th floor, the vault in the basement, and the computer system which took up a WHOLE FLOOR. If I remember correctly our uniforms were navy blue wool skirts, white blouse, and royal blue wool blazers. It was a fun job, and I worked with some really nice people.

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