FIAT dealership coming along

By Jeffrey Buck

If you’ve driven down Woodward lately through Birmingham, by now you’ve probably noticed the big new red and grey building that sits on the east side of M-1 just south of Maple.

Woodward Spine © 2011

In an earlier post, we mentioned that Golling AutoGroup is opening a FIAT dealership on Woodward next to the Fred Lavery Group. Well, it seems to be progressing smoothly and will soon be a staple along the Woodward Corridor.

Woodward Spine © 2011

In other FIAT news, the company’s annual convention, the FIAT FreakOut, recently took place in Nashville. Check out more here on the Chrysler Blog.

Also take a look at this blog from Brian Ambrozy, who test drove a 2011 FIAT 500 from Detroit to Nashville for the event.

Are you a current or prospective Fiat owner? Let us know what you think of the Italian automaker in the comments section below.



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2 responses to “FIAT dealership coming along

  1. Thanks for the link! It was a blast to drive this thing. The studio in Cincinnati was beautiful and I can’t imagine that a Fiat Studio in Birmingham will be anything less than perfect.

    • M. Fossano

      No problem, we really enjoyed your Fiat FreakOut recap! It was very interesting to find out the extreme passion that Fiat drivers have for their vehicles. Glad the trip went well for you, Brian!

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