MCS facade transformation

By Jeffrey Buck

The Michigan Central Station is currently undergoing a long overdue makeover. Windows are currently being replaced and asbestos removed,  which in turn has made the lower half of the building nowhere near as spooky as it once was.

Over the last couple of months articles in the Free PressDetroit News and mLive, have focused on the property and its owners. After years of neglect and failed renovation plans, owner Matty Moroun has finally brought about some semblance of progress. Currently Professional Abatement Services is “removing what remained of the window glass, as well as the asbestos-laden caulk around the windows frames.” It has also been reported that a new roof will be put on to stop further damage by mother nature.

I’ve learned to take “talk” for what it’s worth but I have high hopes for what is in store. The installation of new windows and roof could help this historic building (referred to by many as an eyesore) survive the wrecking ball.

The Sunday before last I took a trip down to the station to check out the progress. The fencing that surrounds the building has been erected higher in areas and spaces where “urban explorers” could enter have been covered (Though while taking pictures a kind man wanted to talk and informed me people were still entering the building but he wasn’t sure how they were getting in). If the facade gets a heavy cleaning and lights are added to the front, this Detroit gem will undoubtedly look amazing having already hit rock bottom.
Enjoy a few photographs of the progress being made below and expect more to come as progress continues at one of my favorite places:

Woodward Spine © 2011

Woodward Spine © 2011

Woodward Spine © 2011

Woodward Spine © 2011

Woodward Spine © 2011


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