Fashion Friday: Inspiration

By Stephanie Saviola

Vintage Re-creation

Check out the items by clicking the photos below:


This past weekend I went to a vintage bazaar at Chicago’s Congress Theatre with fellow spine writer, Ms. Bloom. While I left empty handed, I took away tons of inspiration and ideas. We found racks of fun, vintage cocktail dresses in vibrant colors and sequins and a plethora of fur coats—hopefully faux. Above is a collection of re-created looks from the bazaar. One of the great things about living in an urban environment is that there are so many places to get inspiration from (i.e. the bazaar, the markets, and the boutiques). And between that and magazines and countless blogs, just when I think I’ve seen it all, I’ll walk down the street and see someone wearing something in a unique way and I get a new spark of creativity. The collection below is some items on my fall wish list. Stress on the wish part of that, as in “in my dreams!”

Fall Wish List

Check out the items by clicking the photos below:


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