‘Discover the D’ Weekend

By Jeffrey Buck

A two-day event hosted by Detroit Nation will offer metro Detroit residents a chance to converse with local leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs about our ever-transforming city. This first ever event will take place October 14th – 16th. Other events will include touring some of Detroit’s most eclectic and innovative attractions including the Russell Industrial Center, the Oakland Avenue Farmer’s Market and the Heidelberg Project.

“Detroit is a city that has captured the imagination of the country in recent years, first for its decline, and now for its incredible amount of growth and potential,” said Rachel Jacobs, co-founder, Detroit Nation. “Detroit is increasingly being viewed as a microcosm of the country, and Discover the D is an exciting opportunity for native Detroiters living both locally and elsewhere to have an intimate conversation with the people who will drive Detroit forward.”

The event does have a $100 registration fee and includes all meals and refreshments as well as all tours and speakers.

For more information, a full itinerary and registration please click here.

Detroit Nation was founded in 2010 and has currently upwards of 1,700 supporters between its four chapters across the country:

Detroit Nation is a national volunteer-led organization dedicated to supporting Detroit by directing the money, skills and energy of native Detroiters now living elsewhere to organizations engaged in economic development, cultural innovation and job creation in Southeastern Michigan. With more than 1,700 supporters between four chapters in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C., Detroit Nation members represent a range of industries, including professional services, film, media, green engineering and healthcare.

More information on Detroit nation and how you can be involved can be found on their website by clicking here.


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