Fashion Friday: Baked Goods

By Stephanie Saviola

Baked Goods

Check out the items by clicking the photos below:

For me, shopping and cooking go hand-in-hand. There’s a certain level of appreciation that goes along with creating food, not unlike picking the right outfit or being inspired by seeing a designers new line. They’re merely different forms of art.

These crisp autumn days have renewed my love of baking simple, homemade treats. Some of my favorite things to bake in the fall are blueberry & ricotta muffins and white & dark chocolate chip cookies. Pair it with a cup of fresh, French-pressed coffee and I’m in heaven.

Shops such as Anthropologie and are filled with tons of cute aprons and kitchen supplies that make baking even more fun, and if someone you know loves to cook or bake, these aprons make awesome gifts.

Untitled #9

Check out the items by clicking the photos below:


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