Shorpy Saturday – Onward: 1908

By Jeffrey Buck

Detroit has made significant strides in revamping one of their most significant assets over the last five years; the river front. The transformation from a once factory ridden deserted polluted stretch of property has turned into a pedestrian friendly path open to bikes & runners with new development of businesses and condos.

This photo unfortunately doesn’t specify as to where this gentleman is driving along the waterfront but anyone can tell that 2011 and 2008 waterfronts are much different. But it also depicts two things that have stood the test of time. The automobile and the tear drop streetlight.

Take a look at the photograph entitled “Onward: 1908“:

Detroit circa 1908. “Automobile on waterfront road.” 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.





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2 responses to “Shorpy Saturday – Onward: 1908

  1. Packman41

    Hello Jeff:
    The location is on Belle Isle, Riverbank Drive, just east of the bridge – the mainland (Detroit) is in the background. The car is a 1906 Packard model S, also known as a model 24. The body style is known as a Runabout. The PMCC was on 1580 E. Grand Blvd., jsut 3 miles away from the bridget to Belle Isle

    One more thing. Of the 738 1906 Packards built only 3 survive today.

  2. Thanks, Packman! I wasn’t sure where it was exactly but you sure do know your stuff. I guess it’s probably safe to say that the auto in the picture is no longer with us.

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