Hatch Detroit: Woodbridge Gypsy Den & Tea Room

By Jeffrey Buck

Hatch Detroit announced its final four business ideas giving each team a chance to speak and answer questions at a live event put on by Model D called The Next Big Thing. The event was amazing, you can read about my experience here, but the acoustics in the main lobby made it rather difficult to hear the answers. I’ve attempted to contact each of the finalists with a set of five “Spine” questions to learn just a little bit more about each of the ideas.

Remember you can vote once per day until Wednesday, when voting ends. Click here to vote.

Woodbridge Gypsy Den & Tea Room

Are you looking for a natural, organic, vegan, local cafe that promotes culture and community?  The Woodbridge Gypsy Den & Tea Room is your answer!

The Woodbridge Gypsy Den & Tea Room, nestled in the Detroit neighborhood of Woodbridge, will be for the people, by the people.  The Den will boast a sociable ambiance, viewed as an attraction to visitors & a sense of place by locals.  The café will offer simple dishes and sweets, teas & espresso, juice, smoothies, beer, wine & catering services.  The focus is all natural, organic, vegan, local.  Upon entering, you will be greeted with an eclectic collection of people as well as vintage furnishings acquired from local thrifts  & estate sales.  The Den renders culture, amity & a commitment to the slow food movement.  Come for a smoothie or juice after a run, a glass of wine & the world’s best vegan mac n’ cheese, or to watch a neighborhood friend play music in the Den.

Making your way to the back, you will see the Tea Room, situated behind a drapery entrance.  The Tea Room has an intimate, clandestine setting, ideal for a pot of tea with a friend, a quirky first date or some quiet time with a book.

Twitter: @WBGypsyDen

Facebook: WBGypsyDenTeaRoom



Stephanie Selvaggio – Owner

Christina Selvaggio – Chef

Kyle Suczynski- Tea Guru

Steve McCauley – Contractor


How will winning this contest help you achieve your business goals?

Winning the Hatch Detroit contest will help us achieve our goals by giving us a good portion of the start up cash we need (equipment alone is a huge investment) as well as the publicity & professional services that are imperative to the incubating stage of a business.

What other Detroit establishment do you most look up to for advice and inspiration?

We look up to all businesses that have put their heart & soul into providing their product or service to our city. Their passion is our inspiration. In our local, we look up to the Woodbridge Pub, for being a pioneer in the neighborhood & providing a meeting place for the community.

 Why should people choose your idea over the others?

People should choose the idea they believe will make the largest impact on the city.  We’re not here to sell our souls, but we will sell good, clean, locally-sourced food & drinks that make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable & achievable. Our idea makes sense, especially on a community level.  A meeting place for all ages & a hub for wellness, culture, sustainability & community. If you agree that we will make the largest impact, you should vote for us.

 Have you decided on a space? What neighborhood? And why?

We have a few prospective locations. Woodbridge had us at hello. So charming, so alive, and so ready for critical mass. Our idea was created to fill an essential need in a neighborhood capable of supporting 20,000 sq. ft. of restaurants.

 What is your favorite Detroit hangout?

We collectively spread love to all the hangouts.

About Jeffrey S. Buck

I'm currently a Project Manager at Cypress Partners, LLC in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. I graduated from Wayne State University in 2008 with a B.A. in Journalism. Looking to broaden my view of the world, I spent a semester abroad studying at the University of Salford, a Greater Manchester University in England. I enjoy doing an array of activities, including following Detroit sports teams, SCUBA diving, traveling, reading, playing tennis, hand-written letters and going to the movies. I am the co-founder of the Woodward Spine, a blog about Detroit and its surrounding communities. The Woodward Spine aims to inform its readers about relevant news and events through creative and informative posts in these core areas: news, opinion, entertainment, history, sports and development. The Woodward Spine serves the tri-county metro Detroit area, concentrating mainly on the communities that lie along the Woodward corridor.
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