Shorpy Saturday – Please-Freeze: 1917

By Jeffrey Buck

It’s hard to say but due to the snow we saw this past week, Winter is near. It sort of has me fearing how cold it may get in the next few weeks so in honor of that fear I give you a shot of what I’m feeling inside. Please don’t get to cold to fast.

Take a look at the photograph entitled “Please-Freeze: 1917“:

Detroit circa 1917. “Ice fountain, Washington Boulevard.” The big icicle with a small request, discreetly stated on that unobtrusive little sign near the man: PLEASE. The rest of the message is up to your imagination.



Below is a photo of the Old Cadillac Hotel (The Westin Book Cadillac replaced it in 1924) in 1915. The Edison Headquarters Building can be seen to the left of it. This makes me believe that this is near the corner of State Street and Washington Avenue:

Here is a photo of the area where the fountain may have stood today:



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