Shorpy Saturday – Grand Circus Park: 1919

By Jeffrey Buck

Grand Circus Park has gone through man changes over the years but many of the buildings you see in the photograph below haven’t survived. Both the Tuller and Statler Hotels are no longer standing. Many of the smaller buildings that can be seen in the lower left part of the photograph are no longer a part of the area. The Broderick Tower hasn’t been built yet nor have building along Park. The Kales building still shines and the David Whitney is gearing up for a full restoration. Another major building that is absent is the tower of the Book Building seen in background to the left.

Take a look at the photograph entitled “Grand Circus Park: 1919“:

Detroit circa 1919. “Grand Circus Park from Detroit Athletic Club.” The Statler and Tuller hotels, and the two Winged Victory statues seen here. Photoplays being advertised include “When Men Desire” starring Theda Bara, Alice Joyce in “The Cambric Mask,” Cecil B. DeMille’s “For Better, For Worse,” Elsie Ferguson in “Eyes of the Soul,” and “Stolen Orders.” 8×10 glass negative.

Image: Source


Here is a photo of the area as it looks today:

Image: Source



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