Autoweek’s Vinsetta Garage

By Jeffrey Buck

Tuesday evenings just got a lot more exciting. Airing tonight on Discovery Channel’s Velocity network is the premiere of Vinsetta Garage. The new Autoweek show will touch on just about everything having to do with the automobile from technology to driving to customization. Cars and Detroit go hand-in-hand so it’s quite fitting that the show bares the name of one of Woodward’s iconic landmarks, the Vinsetta Garage.



The building served as an auto repair shop for several decades before closing in 2010. Although the shop won’t be serving up oil changes anytime soon it will however be serving up what has potential to be some great food. After closing, the structure’s future was uncertain and and talk of the wrecking ball was being heard. But KC Crain and restaurateur Curt Catallo, saw potential and put a stop to any rumors of destruction. Now the pair are renovating and restoring the historic shop to house a sister restaurant to two of metro Detroit’s most famous restaurants, the Union Woodshop and Clarkston Union, located in Clarkston, Michigan.

Tune in to Velocity on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM EST/PST (7:30 Central)

Fans can also follow more of Autoweek’s Vinsetta Garage on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.X


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