Madison Heights offers QR codes for access to department documents

By Mike Fossano

Staying on top of one of the growing trends in technology, the city of Madison Heights’ Community Development Department is now offering customers QR codes that point to the department’s application forms, GIS maps and other handouts.

The goal of the department is to leverage the technology to make itself more accessible through social media.

“Our team has put together a QR code access panel at the counter with QR codes that are available for customers with smartphones to scan direct links to the applications, maps and forms, allowing them immediate access on their device,” said Jim Schafer, Community Development Director.

Additionally, all of the department’s maps and forms equipped with the codes, which illustrate the city’s push to be among the forefront in utilizing dynamic technologies.

“It is also our hope that this will set a best practice trend for other government agencies to follow,” said Linda Williams, the city’s economic development coordinator.

“People are getting their information in far different ways than they did ten years ago and the QR codes are just another way to give our customers convenient access to documents that they may want to read or check out later.

QR codes can be used by anyone with a smartphone or electronic reader. The code reader applications are easily downloadable and many are free.


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