The warthogs have new roomates

The common eland | Detroit Zoo

By Jeffrey Buck

If you’re like me and take the train to the rear of the zoo to work your way to the front, you’re in for a surprise at the African Train Station. Two common elands have joined warthogs Rebecca, Linus and Lilith in their habitat. It’s been nearly thirty years since the Detroit Zoo has had the second-largest species of antelope.

“It is very exciting to bring the common eland back to the Detroit Zoo after nearly thirty years.  This uncommonly beautiful antelope is a great addition to the African Grasslands,” said Robert Lessnau, Detroit Zoological Society Curator of Mammals.

Half siblings Brad, 4 and Clover, 5, came from the Freeport-McMoran Audubon Species Survival Center in new Orleans. Here is some quick facts on the common eland:

  • Stands up to 5 feet tall
  • Can weigh up to 2,00 pounds
  • Have spiraling horns that can reach 3 feet in length
  • Travels in herds of up to 500
  • Found in grasslands, mountains, sub-deserts and woodland areas of Africa

Have you visited Brad and Clover at the Detroit Zoo? Send us your pictures, by clicking here, to be featured on our site!


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