Shorpy Saturday – On The Street Where You Live: 1900

By Jeffrey Buck

I attempted to find this apartment building today with no luck. There is a good chance it has already met the wrecking ball but it reminded me of a building at 2nd Avenue and Selden Street. After further comparison the two look very much a like but are in fact different. If you have any guesses or an answer feel free to leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy your first weekend of March 2013!

Take a look at the photograph entitled “On The Street Where You Live: 1900“:

Detroit, Michigan, circa 1900. “W.H. Jackson residence.” Just out of view across 2nd Avenue in this two-part panorama was the residence of Detroit Publishing photographer William Henry Jackson. 8×10 inch glass negative.

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2 responses to “Shorpy Saturday – On The Street Where You Live: 1900

  1. I’m pretty sure you can see that apartment building across the street from Honest John’s. They have since added a street, but…,-83.063968&spn=0.008009,0.013078&sll=42.347731,-83.063934&layer=c&cid=15499854886669951161&cbp=13,219.7,,0,0.17&panoid=A2juNcjxwjUTXzVviHuOLg&hq=honest+john%27s+detroit&t=h&z=17&cbll=42.347516,-83.064058

  2. I thought the same thing. That was my guess as to where it was but there are small windows in the older photo near the corner that do not exist in the building that stands today.

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