Live music tonight at PJ’s Lager House


By Jeffrey Buck

Tonight’s lineup at PJ’s Lager House takes the stage at 9 PM and cover is $12.


“The Lamps are not an easy band. Their first release is a full-length so you get no “Hi ya, how ya doin’,” before the big blast. The songs twist at a lazy pace, not some immediate La-De-Da pop immediacy. The vocals are harsh and take a couple listens to “get” and a few more to enjoy. They occupy this netherworld which could be called “garage art” if the term wasn’t so lame. They are a bit too “arty” or “smart” for the garage punk purists and too “garage” for the ex-white belted, art punk crowd.” — Terminal Boredom


The debut solo on Sacred Bones Records, Timmy’s Organism is Timmy Vulgar’s organism of sound. Vulgar is of course the Human Eye front-man, erstwhile Clone Defect, and most recently a 2010 Kresge Artist Fellow which he was awarded for a “creative vision and commitment to excellence within a wide range of artistic disciplines.” Exploring a wide spectrum of the tree of rock n’ roll, heavy nuclear guitar rock, quick punk space glam, drunken late night white-man blues, instrumental joys of sadness, and don’t forget a little comedy rock. The lyrics are interesting and colorful, painting a picture, or a silent film in the listeners cerebellum. What is a gorilla symbolically? A peaceful creature living in a thick green jungle. He is king in his layer. Roaring like an angry guitar pounding on his chest like a primal drum. Chewing vegetation and leading his furry family to freedom! This is the Rise of the Green Gorilla!


Smelly Tongues featuring members of: Red Aunts, The Piranhas, White Savage, SYZ, Static Static, Druid Perfume, Intelligence, The Baptist Church, et al.


That garage-y 60’s pop-tinged rock goodness.

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